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Happiness Culture
Giving your workplace the 'happiness advantage' consists in creating a happier work language, and empowering employees to craft their own happiness habits.
Our experience shows that the 'happiness avantage' positively impacts at least three business variables:
Discretionary effort

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Author of Happier and Founder, Potentialife

"Trying hard to be happy can be counterproductive. A more effective approach is to build one's faculties that will indirectly and automatically lead to more happiness."


Increase in quality sleep per week

+4 hours 8 minutes

Sample size: 468 participants

Increase in physical exercise per week

+1 hour 31 minutes

Sample size: 468 participants


Number of friends at work

Before: 3.6 After: 6.2

Sample size: 468 participants

Our offerings

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Locus of Well-being Journeys

Batch by batch, register your employees for a 3-month journey with a powerful track record for getting employees to take control of forming happier life habits.

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Keynote Lectures by Tal Ben-Shahar

In-person or virtually, get your leaders and employees to experience the magic of Tal Ben-Shahar's Harvard University course

SHARP Awareness Workshops


Batch by batch, deploy this 1-day workshop where your employees will define their personal definition of 'living life to the fullest' in their current work context, using the SHARP model.

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Resilience Coaching

Your leaders are under stress. Our transformational coaches will help them create mental, relational and practical habits where hardship is a pretext for growth. We will help them discover an embody their authentic, purposeful identity as a leader - paving the way for their career growth.

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