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3-month Culture Sprint
For CEOs of mid-size businesses, or for BU and functional heads of large ones.
Take your extended leadership team through a practical discovery of the behaviour shifts need to win in your changing environment
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Amar Shah

"Humanistic are experts in triggering individual transformations that result in a collective cultural evolution."

Chief Business Officer, ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

How it works




Weekly 30-minute Potentialife modules


Weekly buddy group huddles


Weekly multi-channel communications


(1-2 days)

(10 weeks)

In-person experiential




Organizational observations and recommendations workshop


(1-2 days)

Why it works

Practical with Bias.png

Practical, with a bias for action

A time investment of about 20 hours in total over a period of 3 months. Every week, the whole group tries our real-life experiments, and debriefs about them. It's all about habit formation - no intellectualisation of culture.

Focus on the Positive.png

Primary focus on the positive

The focus is on new possibilities. Only once enthusiasm is built, do we start addressing some of the inconvenient truths.

Low Risk.png

Low-profile, low-risk initiative

You can position this as a bottom-up exploration of leadership and cultural behaviors.

Psychologically safe

Psychologically Safe.png

Participants are part of small, supportive buddy groups where the spirit is on individual transformation. The top-team politics, if any, are diluted into the larger-size cohort.


Community building

Your extended leadership has n*(n-1)/2 possible relationship pairs. The Sprint process can multiply by 2 or 3 the number of pairs with a positive, authentic relationship.


Role Model.png

As a member of the cohort, the CEO, BU or functional leader role-models growth mindset through small-step changes in life and at work.

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