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Culture Discovery
& Deployment
We de-risk your culture building process by helping you build change momentum and wins, step by step.
We use SHARP as the underlying source code that creates a common language of life for your employees. Its research-based neutrality and its joyful possibilities guarantee high acceptance at all levels of the organization.
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Amar Shah

"Humanistic are experts in triggering individual transformations that result in a collective cultural evolution."

Chief Business Officer, ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

Our modular solutions along your culture's life stages

Stage 1: Visioning

Where you know that change is needed, and you need a safe process for a collective vision to emerge.


Culture Diagnostic

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Recipe Book Creation

Stage 2: Individual transformations

Where you need a critical mass of champions who can inspire the rest of the organization to embrace the articulated vision

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SHARP Leadership Habits Journeys


SHARP Awareness 1-day Workshops

Stage 3: Team transformations

Where you need every team in the organization to co-create their tangible commitments to the cascaded culture vision.

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Team Charters

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Manager Capability Building

Stage 4: Systemic enablement

Where you need to tweak systems, structures and processes so that they don't stand in the way of the new

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Training and Communications Enablement


Structural Enablement

Stage 5: Continuous improvement

Where you systemize the celebration of progress, the detailing of new culture attributes, and the remediation of pockets of unhealthy culture


Team Barometer

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Steering Committee Advisory

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